Jihyun Jung



Seeun Kim, Park Minhee, Jihyun Jung: ONE-A-DAY
Date: 2018. 11. 22 – 2019. 1. 20
Venue: Art Sonje Center 2F
Opening Reception: 2018.11.21 (Wed) 6 pm (Free Admission)

Art Sonje Center will be presenting the group exhibition ‘ONE-A-DAY’ from November 22, 2018, to January 20, 2019. This exhibition brings together new works by three Korean artists working in different media: Seeun Kim, Park Minhee, and Jihyun Jung.

The exhibition is entitled as ‘ONE-A-DAY’, influenced by the format of a performance – an event that a viewer can only witness one time. The three artists – Seeun Kim creating structures of scenes within the canvas through two-dimensional painting work, Park Minhee singing traditional vocal music and presenting her sounds’ structure and aesthetics within a given space and time, and Jihyun Jung making sculptures out of abandoned industrial resources to investigate new structures of materials – developed the exhibition with a conscious mind toward the conflictions occurred between the space/time and media confronted by the viewer as different works are placed opposite each other.

While the exhibition opens between noon and 7 p.m., it takes the form of six 70-minute viewings a day. The 70-minute exhibition is based on the length of Park Minhee’s work No Longer Gagok: A Suite.

Based on this structure, a total of five performances are to take place on Dec. 8, Dec. 15, Dec. 22, Jan. 12, and Jan. 16.