Jihyun Jung

Dawn Breaks, The Showroom


The Showroom presents the first UK iteration of Dawn Breaks, an ongoing project by two Korean artists of different generations:
Jewyo Rhii and Jihyun Jung. The collaboration began at the Queens Museum, New York (2015) and has since evolved through presentations at the Gwangju Biennale (2016) and at the Art Sonje Center in Seoul earlier this year, where they produced an ongoing series of sculptural works that function as storytelling devices, creating a moveable collective theatre in which narratives and performances are drawn from conversations.
The installation at The Showroom includes existing sculptural pieces from earlier iterations of Dawn Breaks combined with newly produced works that have been created onsite. These use materials such as wood, metal, mirrors, and an array of leftover objects found in the local area and repurposed for the project.

Rhii and Jung invited a group of participants from The Showroom’s neighborhood to collaborate on a series of workshops that took place at The Showroom in the lead up to the exhibition. The participants each brought an object to the workshops, which they have used as catalysts for telling stories from personal memories.
The installation and sculptural machinery in the space were adapted by the artists in response to their stories. Over a focused period of storytelling and making, the final installation at The Showroom has been tailor-made for the participants to use as tools to tell their own stories. The group now has a shared understanding of how each of the mobile theatres operates, enabling the telling and re-telling of their stories over time. Operating independently and in dialogue with one another, the objects will be manipulated, moved and transformed according to the specifics of their locality.

Rhii and Jung have entrusted the participants with the care and future use of these collective theatres. For the duration of Dawn Breaks at The Showroom, they will become the directors, actors and set designers of their own productions, within which they may open up the invitation to others to participate. Their stories will be told and retold throughout the exhibition, repeating and evolving as their narratives intertwine between the works and build new plots in an ongoing cycle.