Jihyun Jung

Cases of Finding a Whale in Mountain

I walk to create ‘free-flowing’ research my environment. I find materials that have beautiful form and texture for a sculptor. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to obtain a pricey object as a budget artist. But the most important part of collecting would be the possibility of extended observation on the unidentified body of things. As guessing the time of rising and expiring functions of industrial objects, I get a lot of hints and knowledge to feed my pure interest in materials around the world. I pick up the waste of industrial bodies of urban life when they are done with their uses. My work often starts from what’s left in the waste. It can be a remaining shape of the material or functions of material. With my acknowledgment of their performance, I choose the way of making that resembles the rule of industrial lives and how they operate in the city. I apply various technologies to change the rules for his object to newly starting their lives in a very different form.