Jihyun Jung

Words Left Unsaid

In 2009, I built an installation titled, Words Left Unsaid. I wanted to create an unfamiliar landscape and yet still be relevant to life. People keep storing stuff in their house that they do not use. This stuff piles up amid dust in the attic or somewhere else at the edges of a house and waiting for me to find it. These abandoned objects, which are stored in enclosed spaces above the ceiling, finally come to life. They were buried with forgotten memories, perhaps previous triumphs or failure, and now they have enlivened again, and turn out to be much more related to the present.
The viewers can only see this installation by climbing up a little step and sticking their heads into a hole in the makeshift ceiling. Once in, they notice these object—some are joined together peculiarly, and some are slowly moving, and blinking in the dim light—in a dark space surrounded by a cement wall. I was thinking about the relationship between myself, as an individual, and a society. Through this work, a question arises in the given circumstances that the viewers see. How then do they respond and connect to it?