Jihyun Jung

18. 2015, Thursday, 4-8 PM

511 W 25th St, #708


DOOSAN Gallery New York is pleased to announce open studio of Minae Kim, Jeamin Cha and Jihyun Jung, at DOOSAN Residency New York on June 18th, 2015.

As a part of the wrap-up and overview of DOOSAN Residency New York session of Spring 2015, this program is open to the public, including art professionals and art enthusiasts. Everyone is invited to view newly finished works and works in progress by the artists-in-residence, Minae Kim, Jaemin Cha and Jihyun Jung.


DOOSAN Gallery New York and DOOSAN Residency New York are dedicated to discovery of and support for young and emerging Korean artists. Managed by DOOSAN YONKANG Foundation in Seoul, Korea, DOOSAN Gallery New York is Korea’s first non-profit organization to be officially recognized by the State of New York and the New York City Department of Education. The organization provides artists with resources, such as studio and exhibition space and housing in New York City. The organization’s mission is to serve as a gateway to significant exposure and opportunities for the artists by nurturi