<테크 리허설>은 조명과 같은 기술적인 체크를 하는 리허설의 한 종류를 가리키는 용어에 착안한 작품이다.  구작 <Flicker : Silent Outcry>, <별안간 무지개가> 등이 전시 전의 대기상태로 골조가 드러나는 무대의 공간 뒤편에 놓이고, 3D 아바타 스킨을 결합한 BJ의 인터넷 방송 <Skin Paster>가 전면에 배치된다.

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The automatic wheelchair equipped with a searchlight slowly moves and stops making an afterimage of lights in <Silent Outcry>(2013); a spraying of light and water creates rainbow momentarily in <Suddenly, Rainbow>(2013); a theatrical space consists of things of different kinds of things in <Using The Ear In Order To Hear>(2014). For this exhibition, the artist presents Tech Rehearsal, the mixture of his previous works with the recent works. ‘Tech rehearsal’ is a word used in stage technology, which is the rehearsal to check on lights and equipment. Previous works such as Night light, a portion of Using ears for listening, and Rainbow all of a sudden are stored on the back of the stage structure in stand-by position, while a new video work,<Skin Paster>, starring by internet BJ is placed in front. Skin Paster is a video work, which shows a BJ host an Internet show while her image is overlapped with a 3D avatar girl.